Catering for outdoor events

Elite catering for outdoor events by Lúna Catering. Elevate your event with our high-end catering service. Lúna Catering offers not only gourmet cuisine, but also exceptional service, making us the perfect choice for any outdoor event.

Premium catering from Lúna Catering for an outdoor event. Entrust the catering of your outdoor event to the Lúna Catering team. We have all the experience and resources you need to create the perfect culinary experience that matches the height of your event.

Lúna Catering is the ideal catering partner for outdoor events. Our professionals are ready to offer personalized solutions for any event. Provide your members with superior catering and unparalleled service by choosing Lúna Catering.

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Where in Tashkent to order the organization of Street Food for street events? Who offers the best ratio of quality and cost of street catering services in Uzbekistan? Lúna Catering can help you meet these challenges! Our team consists of the best chefs, bartenders, baristas, waiters, confectioners and managers who have been specializing in Street Food events in Uzbekistan since 2021. Such experience has made it possible to create optimal conditions for customers.

General information about the service

Catering for outdoor events is a unique format that offers outdoor cooking and serving. This form of service is becoming more and more popular due to its mobility and originality. It is suitable for a variety of events, from festivals and fairs to corporate team buildings and private parties.

Advantages of street catering

  • Mobility and flexibility: the service allows you to choose any location for your event, whether it is a park, a beach or a private courtyard.
  • Originality: street food catering creates a unique atmosphere and attracts the attention of guests with its unusual format.
  • Wide variety of dishes: Outdoor catering includes a variety of dishes that will satisfy the different tastes and preferences of guests.

Target audience

Catering services for outdoor events will be of interest to:

  • Organizers of festivals and fairs: street catering is ideal for public events, attracting the attention of visitors with delicious food and original presentation.
  • For corporate clients: outdoor catering is great for team buildings, corporate picnics and other outdoor events.
  • For individuals: the organization of street food catering will be an excellent solution for birthdays, weddings and other private outdoor celebrations.

What does the service include?

  • Choosing a venue: we will help you choose the perfect venue for your event, taking into account all the wishes and features.
  • Menu development: the organization of street food catering includes the creation of a unique menu, taking into account the preferences of guests and the concept of the event.
  • Delivery and installation of equipment: We will deliver all the necessary equipment and products to the venue of the event and install it, ensuring that it is ready for the start of the holiday.
  • On-site cooking: Outdoor catering involves preparing meals on site, which creates additional interest and attracts the attention of guests.
  • Service: Our professional chefs and waiters will provide high quality service so that your guests can enjoy their food and festive atmosphere.
  • Cleaning: At the end of the event, we will clean the venue.

Catering on the street is the perfect solution to create an unforgettable holiday. Street food allows you to enjoy delicious food in a relaxed atmosphere in the open air, which makes any event unique and memorable. By contacting us, you can be sure that you will receive high quality service and a wide selection of dishes that will delight your guests.

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