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Professional Conference Catering by Lúna Catering: Elevate your event with our high-end catering service. Lúna Catering offers not only gourmet cuisine, but also exceptional service, making us the perfect choice for any conference.

Lúna Catering's high-end catering for your conference: Entrust the catering of your conference to the Lúna Catering team. We have all the experience and resources you need to create the perfect culinary experience that matches the height of your event.

Lúna Catering: Your partner for conference catering: Our professionals are ready to offer personalized solutions for any event. Provide your attendees with superior catering and unparalleled service by choosing Lúna Catering.

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Do you want to order catering services for a conference in Tashkent? Are you looking for an experienced company to provide on-site service for such an event? Are you looking for the best value for money catering services during conferences in Uzbekistan? Lúna Catering is the best choice for such tasks. Our service is professional chefs, waiters, pastry chefs, baristas and bartenders. We are engaged in the organization of catering for a conference on a turnkey basis, from writing a script to cleaning dishes.

Conference catering: general information about the service

The service offered in this category is a professional service designed to provide event participants with high-quality and delicious food throughout the day. It allows you to create comfortable conditions for work and communication, without being distracted by looking for food outside. Advantages of professional field service:

  • Variety of menus: catering services for the conference include a wide variety of dishes, taking into account the different preferences and dietary restrictions of participants. From snacks and sandwiches to hot dishes and desserts, there is something for everyone.
  • Professional service: catering during conferences includes not only food delivery, but also its serving, service and cleaning after the event. This allows organizers to focus on the event itself without worrying about catering for guests.

Step-by-step process of preparing and conducting catering for a conference:

  1. Planning and consultation. Catering specialists will help you choose the right menu, taking into account the format and duration of the event, the number of participants and their preferences.
  2. Organization of delivery and serving. The Lúna Catering team makes sure that food is delivered on time and served on the tables. Members are free to pick up and refresh their meals during breaks.
  3. Service during the event. Professional waiters keep order, serve guests and maintain a high level of service.
  4. Cleaning after the event. After the end of the conference, the company's employees clean the room, removing traces of food intake and restoring order.

Where to order catering for a conference in Tashkent

Lúna Catering is a company with extensive experience in organizing and hosting various events. The choice of our company is the following opportunities for customers:

  • Optimal prices for conference catering services for Uzbekistan (on average 15-20% lower than competitors).
  • Guaranteed quality. We focus on premium service, and customer reviews confirm that we succeed.
  • Personal approach. For each customer, we develop a unique scenario and menu that meets the customer's requirements.
  • Reliability. We do not accept the term "complex orders". We take on tasks of any complexity and carry out preparation in the shortest possible time.

Lúna Catering services are regularly used by leading companies in Uzbekistan. We are ready to make every effort to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the catering services organized by our team!

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