Barbecue in nature

This is a catering format, which is especially popular in the warm season, as it is organized in nature (in a park, recreation areas or in the mountains). Guests are offered a large selection of kebabs, sausages, beef steaks, chicken, lamb, fish and grilled vegetables cooked on charcoal.

This format of catering perfectly fits for out-of-town private and corporate events, such as team building. Direct and live communication in the process of cooking on fire, as well as master classes in cooking meat on charcoal from our chefs do create a unique atmosphere that invariably pleases all guests of the holiday.

Outdoor BBQ is a great solution for non- formal picnic. Lúna Catering’s team will provide all the necessary equipment and only fresh products while our chefs will surprise guests with the unique taste of the prepared dishes, and the first-class service by our waiters will make your holiday bright and unforgettable!

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Are you looking for an experienced catering company to organize and conduct a barbecue in nature in Tashkent? Can't decide on the format of a corporate event with BBQ and want to entrust this choice to professionals? Are you looking for the best value for money for outdoor barbecue services in Uzbekistan? Luna Catering will help with solving such problems.

Since 2021, we have been specializing in various catering services, including the organization of picnics in nature. Our team consists of highly professional chefs, managers, bartenders, waiters and representatives of other specialties. A guarantee of quality service, a personal approach to service, a flexible pricing policy - these and other opportunities are open to each client.

About the service: description and advantages

Organizing a barbecue in nature is a great way to combine outdoor recreation with delicious cooking. BBQ is not just about cooking meat over an open fire, but a real art that requires a professional approach to create an unforgettable experience.

The barbecue service in nature provides an opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of nature, friendly communication and, of course, delicious food. Professional organization provides everything you need for a comfortable event: from the selection and high-quality preparation of products to equipment and serving. The main advantages of the service:

  • Atmosphere: Outdoor barbecue creates a unique holiday atmosphere, where everyone can relax and enjoy relaxation with loved ones.
  • Menu variety: Guests are offered a wide variety of dishes - from classic steaks and kebabs to mouthwatering vegetables and grilled desserts.
  • Professionalism: Professional organization guarantees the quality of cooking, compliance with all technologies and the safety of the event.
  • Flexibility: The outdoor barbecue service adapts to any client's needs, including à la carte wishes, dietary restrictions or organizational features.

Who may be interested in this service? The main reasons for ordering a barbecue in nature:

  • Family holidays and weekends;
  • Friendly meetings and corporate parties;
  • Picnics and outdoor recreation;
  • Team buildings and team-building events;
  • Celebration of birthdays and anniversaries.

Barbecue in nature is an opportunity to organize a bright and memorable event where every guest will find something to their liking. Fresh air, delicious food and pleasant company will make your vacation unforgettable!

Where to order a barbecue in Tashkent: your options with Luna Catering

Choosing our company to hold an offsite event with BBQ, you discover the following advantages of the service:

  • Premium service with the involvement of experienced professionally trained personnel.
  • Low prices for the organization of barbiku (15-20% lower than most competitors).
  • Work with orders of any complexity and fulfillment of tasks in the shortest possible time.
  • Individual approach with a personal scenario and menu for each event.
  • A loyalty program that allows our regular customers to receive discounts.

Our services are used by leading companies in Uzbekistan. We hope that you will be completely satisfied with the outdoor barbecue organized by the Luna Catering team!

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