Professional Picnic Catering by Lúna Catering: Enjoy the perfect picnic in nature with the high-end service of Lúna Catering. We will offer everything you need for an unforgettable outdoor experience.

Lúna Catering: Our team of professionals will provide delicious and comfortable meals for your picnic. Choose Lúna Catering to create an atmosphere and comfort in every corner of nature

Picnic with Lúna Catering – Outdoor Catering: Spend a day in nature with gastronomic explorations from Lúna Catering. We will offer dishes that will pleasantly surprise your guests and make your picnic exceptional.

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Where to order a professional picnic organization in Tashkent? How to choose an experienced company for a corporate event in nature? Who offers the best prices for turnkey picnic services in Uzbekistan? Lúna Catering will help with the answers to these questions. We have been specializing in catering services since 2021. Our team consists of experienced chefs, waiters, pastry chefs, baristas, cleaners and managers.

Corporate picnic: the perfect solution for team spirit

The service offered in this category is a great opportunity for employees to take a break from the hustle and bustle of work, strengthen team spirit and spend time in nature in a friendly atmosphere. Advantages of professional organization of such events:

  • Picnic Food: Our team provides a variety of picnic catering services, including the delivery of high-quality food and products, tailored to the tastes and preferences of the participants.
  • Turnkey picnic organization: we take care of all the work of organizing and conducting the event so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest, from choosing a venue to cleaning after the event.
  • Opportunity to communicate: a corporate picnic promotes informal communication of employees outside the workplace, which helps to strengthen relationships in the team.

What does the corporate picnic service include:

  1. Choosing a place. We will help you choose the perfect place for a picnic, taking into account your preferences and the number of participants.
  2. Delivery. We will ensure the transportation of all necessary materials and equipment to the venue.
  3. Menu. We will deliver ready-made meals and fresh products to your picnic, where you can enjoy a delicious meal.
  4. Entertainment. For a variety and fun pastime, we offer board and sports games for all participants.
  5. Cooking. Our team of professional chefs is ready to prepare delicious meals for you at the picnic venue.
  6. Cleaning. At the end of the event, we take care of cleanliness and order, removing all traces after the picnic.

A corporate picnic is an opportunity to strengthen the team spirit of your company and leave pleasant memories. Contact us and we will make your picnic unforgettable.

Where to order a picnic in Tashkent

Lúna Catering has been successfully providing various catering services for several years. Turning to us, customers discover the following opportunities:

  • Guaranteed quality. We provide a premium service, and customer reviews confirm that we succeed.
  • Reliability. There are no difficult orders for us. We take on tasks of any complexity and carry out preparation in the shortest possible time.
  • Personal approach. We develop unique scenarios and menus that meet the requirements of the customer and the specifics of the event.
  • Optimal prices for picnic services in Uzbekistan (on average, prices are 15-20% lower than those of competitors).

Lúna Catering services in Uzbekistan are regularly used by leading companies and enterprises. We are ready to make every effort to make you completely satisfied with the picnic in nature organized by our team

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