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Lúna Catering is your expert in organising sweet tables: With our team of professionals, every dessert on your table will be as delightful in taste as it is aesthetically pleasing. Choose Lúna Catering for the perfect sweet table.

Sweet table with sophistication from Lúna Catering: Celebrate an important occasion with unique desserts from Lúna Catering. Our professionals will offer you a stunning range of sweets that will leave your guests absolutely delighted.

Lúna Catering are masters of sweet delights: Every treat from Lúna Catering has a piece of magic in it. Our sweet table will be an exquisite decoration of any event, emphasising its style and originality.

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How to organize a festive sweet table at a corporate event in Tashkent? Where to find an experienced catering company to book a candy bar for graduation? Who in Uzbekistan offers the best value for money sweet table for a wedding, birthday or other holiday? Lúna Catering can help you answer these questions. We have been specializing in catering services since 2021. Our team includes experienced pastry chefs, chefs, waiters, bartenders, baristas, cleaners and managers.

Candy Bar: features of the service

Immerse yourself in a world of sweets with our candy bars that will turn your event into a real feast of taste! We create sweet tables that will delight the eye and give an unforgettable experience to each guest. Our team of professionals is ready to make your sweetest fantasies come true, giving you moments of joy and delight. Advantages of a professionally organized sweet table:

  • Variety of desserts: Our team offers a wide variety of sweets for all your events, including festive sweet tables for birthdays, weddings or graduations.
  • Individual approach: we take into account your preferences and the characteristics of the event to create a unique sweet table that will suit your taste and style.
  • Attractive decoration: the company pays special attention to the design and decoration of the sweet table, so that every detail emphasizes the atmosphere of your holiday.
  • Serviceability: Professional waiters will provide quality service to guests so that they can enjoy sweets without any worries.

What does the service include?

  1. Choosing a venue. We will help you choose the perfect place to place a sweet table, taking into account the overall atmosphere and theme of the event.
  2. Organization, serving and placement of desserts. Our team will organize and serve a sweet table so that each guest can enjoy exquisite desserts.
  3. Service. We will provide quality service throughout the event so that guests can enjoy sweets without any inconvenience.
  4. Cleaning. At the end of the event, our staff will remove all traces left after the sweet feast.

Create an unforgettable experience for your guests with our candy bars. We guarantee that they will have only good and pleasant impressions, which will increase the level of trust in your company.

Where to order sweet table catering in Tashkent: your options with Lúna Catering

Our company has been successfully providing various catering services for several years. By contacting us, customers are guaranteed to receive the following advantages of the service:

  • Quality. We provide a premium service, and customer reviews confirm that we succeed.
  • Personal approach. We develop unique scenarios and menus that meet the requirements of the customer and the specifics of the event.
  • Optimal prices for Candy Bars services for Uzbekistan (on average, prices are 15-20% lower than those of competitors).
  • Reliability. There are no difficult orders for us. We take on tasks of any complexity and prepare events as soon as possible.

Lúna Catering services in Uzbekistan are regularly used by leading companies and enterprises. We are ready to make every effort to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the sweet table organized by our team

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